EBR Schools announced the following message late Tuesday, March 18th:

EBR Schools and offices will be open Wednesday, May 19, with the exception of McKinley High School and Buchanan Elementary School which remain inaccessible at this time. As a result of the school closure on May 18th, all EBRPSS schools will be required to make up the missed instructional time. Wednesday, May 19th, and Thursday, May 20th will become full instructional days for all students. Several options were considered; however, by extending the 19th and 20th from half days to full days, students will have time to complete finals and the district will not have to extend the school year. Friday, May 21st will be the last day for teachers and 9-month employees, and it will also serve as a test makeup day for students if needed. Schools will communicate testing details with families. Accommodations will be made for families and staff dealing with flooding/storm complications.
We are continuing to monitor weather forecasts, road conditions, and all other storm impacts. We will communicate any additional changes as needed. The district appreciates families and staff for their continued patience, support and flexibility during these unpredictable circumstances. Please stay tuned to local news outlets, ebrschools.org and the EBR Schools Facebook page (@EBRPschools) for more information. As always, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority.