The Social Studies Department follows a Tier I Level curriculum from the Louisiana State Department of Education.  In a typical sequence a student would study the following subjects throughout his or her time at GOMHS:

  • 6th grade:  Ancient World History
  • 7th grade:  United States History from the colonial period through Reconstruction
  • 8th grade:  Louisiana History
  • 9th grade:  World Geography
  • 10th grade:  Civics
  • 11th grade:  United States History from Reconstruction through the Modern 
  • 12th grade:  World History

Advanced Placement

High school students have the opportunity to take two social studies courses for possible AP credit.  Learn more about the expectations and coursework below.

Pathways to Brighter Futures

The Social Studies Department is excited to be involved in two of the dual enrollment classes currently offered to ninth graders in the new “Pathways to Brighter Futures” dual enrollment program.  Students in the program have the opportunity to take up to four dual enrollment courses through Baton Rouge Community College during their ninth grade year.  In the fall semester, students take Cultural Geography, while in the spring semester they take World History.