EBR Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook 2019-2020

Each year the EBR School System publishes the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  Every student and their parent/guardian are expected to read this document and then sign and return the appropriate pages (pages 4-5) to the school.  These two pages cover everything from media release consent to the technology policy.  If a parent/guardian objects to any section of the consent form, they should then follow the proper procedures outlined in the document to voice their objection/concern.  Please remember that the handbook states on the first page that “…ignorance of this Handbook or its contents shall not constitute a defense or excuse.”

These consent forms also allow students the right to use a Chromebook since using a Chromebook requires that students have a Google account.  For more information about our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative, please check out the appropriate webpage.

The district provides a digital copy of the handbook for you to read at your convenience at any time.  Also, physical copies of the handbook are distributed at the beginning of each academic year.