About Glen Oaks Magnet High School

Glen Oaks Magnet High School has been a staple in the local community since it opened its doors 60 years ago as a high school for 9th through 12th grades.  As of the 2019-2020 academic year, GOMHS provides a full secondary education by servicing 6th-12th grades.  The knowledgeable members of its administration, faculty, and staff have numerous degrees and decades of teaching experience between them and continue to add to their craft by attending professional development and earning industry-based certifications, such as Google Certified Educator endorsements.

Glen Oaks provides a range of academic programs to meet the needs of its students.  Middle school students take the majority of their classes in the L Building, keeping them separate from the high school students, while at the same time taking multiple electives, such as choir and art, from high school teachers.  This gives them exposure to the rigors and daily life of a high school campus while still allowing them to remain in a middle school environment for the majority of the day.  High school students can opt to take either college or career readiness coursework.  If they meet entrance requirements then they can also participate in the school’s Medical Magnet or 3 Centers of Excellence programs:  Radio Broadcasting, Sports Medicine, or Health Sciences.  Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses offered through local colleges and universities are offered to add further strength to a student’s academic coursework.  Glen Oaks Magnet is excited to announce that the school is piloting the new Pathways to Brighter Futures program during the 2021-2022 academic year!

The needs of the whole student are meet both in and out of the classroom at Glen Oaks.  Students socialize and gain valuable life skills through participation in sports and organizations such as Beta.  Social and emotional needs, as well as career planning services, are provided through counseling services such as school-based counselors and outside groups including ICARE and Career Compass.  The school is home to a health center provided through a partnership between Our Lady of the Lake and the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.